Private Day Cruises with a Sailing Yacht or a Motor Yacht
We can organise a private day cruise with a Sailing Yacht Beneteau or Bavaria or a Luxury Motor Yacht, at any location around Rhodes Island like:
Anthony Quinn bay, Ladiko bay, Kallithea, Lindos etc...
All day from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Including Lunch, Drinks and Skipper

In addition we may arrange for trips to any destination from any destination, to nearby islands.

Day Cruise Sailing Yacht

Day Cruise with a MotorYacht

For Booking or more information click HERE


Google Map, Key points - This is an interractive map, you may zoom in or out by the + or - buttons on top left of the map, or use the mouse scroll wheel, or left-click and drag the map to the desired location.
Click on the points to view photos and more info
DayCruise suggested locations Key Points Signtseeing
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